Montalban Quintet
Upcoming TBA 2017 CD/LP (Belly of the Whale)
"Rolling in the Deep" Digital Single (Belly of the Whale)
"Montalban Quintet" (Belly of the Whale)

Chris Prescott
"What the Sea Gives Me" Original Score (Misfit Pictures)
"Manufacturing Stoke" Original Score (Misfit Pictures)
"Creative Construction - Vol. 1" (Belly of the Whale)

"Information Retrieved" CD/LP (Temporary Residence)
"Information Retrieved -pt B" 7" (Temporary Residence)
Pinback Tour EP 2008 (Self-Released)
"Autumn of the Seraphs" CD/LP (Touch and Go Records)
"Autumn of the Seraphs - Bonus 3 song CD " CD/EP (Touch and Go Records)

Greg Friedman
"Can't Talk Now" CD/LP (Populuxe)
"Song-A-Month Club" Digital (Self-Released)

Mango Melody
Fruit of Happiness - CD (Self-Released)

The Jade Shader
Upcoming TBA 2017 CD (Belly of the Whale)
"Henry Tuatara" Split 7" w/ Facing New York, Rum Diary and Years Around the Sun. (Springman Records)
"Curse of the Tuatara" CD - September 2005 (Catune Records Japan, Sonic Boom)
"SpaceGoat" Catune Records Compilation 2004 (Catune Records, Japan).

Systems Officer
Upcoming TBA 2017 CD/LP (Temporary Residence)
"Underslept" CD/2xLP (Temporary Residence)

C'est la Mort
In the Soft Focus Light of I Love You - Remixes (Self-Released)

Ryan Ferguson
"Only Trying to Help" CD (Better Looking Records)
"Three, Four" CD (Junior Varsity Records)

No Knife
"Bed for the Scraping" Digital (Perpetually Twelve Issue #13)
"Riot for Romance" LP/CD (Better Looking, US; Day After, Europe)
"No Knife/ Nine Days Wonder - Split EP" CD (Catune Records, Japan; Dim Mak, USA; Nova Recordings, Europe)
"Fire in the City of Automatons" LP/CD (Timebomb / BMG records)
"Permanent for Now" Split 7" w/ Lazycain (Big Wheel Rec)
"Flechette" Split 7" w/ Sunshine (Jet Black/ Filler - Holland)

Rocket From the Crypt
"All Systems Go - Vol 3" (Vagrant Records)
"Rocket from the Crypt - RIP" DVD (Vagrant Records)
"When in Rome" Shaped Picture Disc (Elemental, Europe)
"Chariots on Fire" (Vagrant Records Sampler)

"Guard Dog" 2 song 7" (Standard/ Cargo)
"Slightly Calculated" Split 7" w/ No Knife (Goldenrod)
"Purma Pak" 4 song 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
"Blueprint" 3 song 7" (Liquid Meat/ Kat Records)
"Ill Gotten Gains" LP/CD/Cass (Caroline Records, US/ Virgin, Europe)
"Germophobic" CD (Headhunter/ MCA)

"Gasoline" 2 song 7" (Goldenrod)
"Legroom" 3 song 7" (Goldenrod)
"Dry Socket" CD (Liquid Meat)
"Valvestate" Picture disc 12"/ CD (Goldenrod)
"Give Kids Candy" LP/CD (Goldenrod/ Kat Records)

"Snail Killer" LP/CD/Cass. (Headhunter/ Cargo Records)
"Ritalin" LP/CD. (Headhunter/ Cargo)
"Mono Rosado" CD (Headhunter/ Cargo)
"Skin and Bone" 3 song 7". (Label with the Golden Arm, Germany)
"First Time Caller" 2 song 7" (Goldernrod Records)

"Termoline" CD (Sheridanscope)

"3" CD (Rocking Chair Records)
"7 Songs" CD (Rocking Chair Records)

Various Compilations
"Black Box Compilation - Vol. 1" (Black Box)
"San Diego is Burning" (Loud and Clear)
"Extreme Magazine Compilation" (Japanese Bonus CD Issue)
"I'm a Mess" (IMS)
"Magic Bananas" (91X/ Cargo)
"Headstart to Purgatory" (Headhunter/ Cargo)
"Bowling Team Sampler" (Caroline)
"Ask for Disorder" (Homestead/ Dutch East, Europe)
"Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits" (Caroline)
"Bliss" (Divine Rec/ Zoo Entertainment)
"Songs About Stuart" (Absolutely Kosher)
"Taste" (Bacteria Sour Records, Japan)
"Super Mixer" (Goldenrod Records)
"New Music" (Rational Enquirer)
"Slightest Indication of Change" (Slowdance Records)
"Live at the Pickle Patch" (Dim Mak Records)
"Volume" (Liquid Meat Records)

"Vampire Diaries" HBO Series
"It's Gonna Blow" (Billingsgate Media)
"Way of the Ocean" Circulate Motion Pictures
"Fuel TV" Live performance 2008
"Field of Vision" & "Change the Subject" Glas Surf DVDs
"Fuse TV"
"Jimmy Fallon Show" Television Appearance
"Dawson's Creek" Television series
"Momentum" Taylor Steele Surf Film
"Love God" Feature length film by Frank Grow
"TK1" & "TK2" Surf films by Josh Pomer
"Bliss" Surf Film by Helios Productions
"Uno" Skateboarding film by Transworld publications
"Road Rules" MTV program
"Viva la Bam " MTV program
"Buzzkill" MTV program
"Stuart" Feature length film by Sheridanscope/ Mike Judge
"Foundation" Skateboarding film by Tum Yeto
Documentary soundtrack music for ESPN and the Nature Channel
"Fox Racing" DVD/VHS

Related Awards
Casbah Music Awards 1996 "Best New Band" (Tanner)
San Diego Music Awards 1996 "Best Local Recording" (nomination / Tanner)
San Diego Music Awards 1996 "Best New Band" (nomination / Tanner)
San Diego Music Awards 1998 "Best Alternative Band" (Rocket From the Crypt)
San Diego Music Awards 1998 "Best Alternative Band" (nomination / No Knife)
San Diego Music Awards 1999 "Best Punk Album" (No Knife)
San Diego Music Awards 2000 "Best Alternative Band" (nomination / No Knife)
San Diego Music Awards 2003 "Best Alternative Album" (No Knife)
San Diego Music Awards 2005 "Best Pop Album" (Ryan Ferguson)
San Diego Music Awards 2006 "Best Local Recording" (The Jade Shader)
San Diego Music Awards 2006 "Artist of the Year" (nomination / Pinback)
San Diego Music Awards 2008 "Album of the Year" (nomination / Pinback)
San Diego Music Awards 2012 "Best Jazz Album" (nomination / Montalban Quintet)
San Diego Music Awards 2014 "Best Jazz" (nomination / Montalban Quintet)