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Montalban Quintet

from Upcoming Montalban Quintet Album 2017 (Unreleased)

from Montalban Quintet
Lonnie's Lament
Besa Sorta


The Jade Shader

from Upcoming Jade Shader Album 2017 (Unreleased)
City Walk

from Black Box Compilation - Vol.1
When 2 Becomes 3

from Curse of the Tuatara
Cha Cha Choo Choo


No Knife

from Perpetually Twelve Zine - Issue#13, 2016
Bed for the Scraping (Fugazi Cover)

from Riot for Romance
Riot for Romance
The Red Bedroom
Brush Off

from Fire in the City of Automatons
Academy Flight Song
Secret Handshake
the Spy

Live at the Troubadour - 11/12/2000 (unreleased)
Charades (live)
At the Heart of the Terminal (live)
Angel Bomb (live)

Demos from pre-production 12/1998 (unreleased)
Minus One
If It Moves Kiss It



from the CD "3"
Submarine Song (5:09)
The Band is Too Old (5:21)

from the CD "7 Songs"
Hum (1:38)
Song After (5:48)


Poinciana Jazz Quartet

Swami's Blues
by Carl Prescott (5:08)

by Horace Silver (3:59)

by Carl Prescott (3:57)

by Lee Morgan (3:44)
*this is performed as a trio



from the album Ill-Gotten Gains
Hey Jigsaw (3:06)
Wig (2:40)
Spastic Art (3:20)
Not a Fitting Niche (3:14)

from the album Germophobic
Booty (2:26)
Hot Trunk (3:15)
Dolls of You (2:15)
In a Dump (1:18)
A.K.A. Meltdown (1:58)

from various 7 inches
One On Me (1:43)
Blueprint (4:11)
Purma Pac (1:08)
Click Click (1:20)
Slightly Calculated (2:28)
Kojo (3:22)



from the album Poquito Mono Rosado
2nd to Last Straw

from the album Ritalin



from Give Kids Candy
Cup O' Gold
Give Kids Candy
Taxidermy and Furniture

from Valvestate
Torn From Both Sides